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Natural, Worry-free Wellness

We are dedicated in our quest to achieve optimum equine health through dietary balance and the elimination of unnecessary pain and discomfort in the body. Our goals are met by combining specialized therapeutic skills with sound nutrition and 100% natural supplementation.

Meet our practitioners:
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Carla Dickhaut

Carla is the Founder, Program Developer and Lead Facilitator at Spirit of Eight Horse Health. Carla uses a combination of energy work, True Touch Therapy, massage, proper tack fit, and diet with natural supplementation in her rehabilitation programs. Her hands-on experience in and knowledge of equine movement and habits over the past 35 years enable her to accurately assess behaviors pertaining to health, discomfort and training issues. Carla uses and studies natural supplementation with OmegaAlpha (Equine) Canada. Carla is also an educated and experienced equine reproductive professional offering equine doula guidance and advice on stallion fertility.

Rene Van Daelen

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Rene is the Facilitator of our Equine Chiropractic and our head trainer, specializing in equine anatomy and behavior. Rene is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner utilizing Reiki and TruTouch therapies in his rehabilitation programs. With a focus on eliminating unnecessary pain caused by health issues and poor tack fit, Rene seeks to promote a calm and natural bond between horse and owner.

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